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n. fungemia, presencia de hongos en la sangre.
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infection and fungemia after orthotopic liver transplantation.
The present study being a retrospective one has not addressed specific risk factors, which plays a role in the selection of species causing fungemia as well as variable susceptibility patterns.
basitruncatum fungemia in a patient with acute leukemia, the only example of a clinical strain in the clade with monomorphic Graphium species showing association with bark beetle communities.
25] who showed that the culture of fungi from normally sterile tissue, including blood, remains an essential diagnostic test for invasive mycoses andthe addition of a mycosis medium to the standard set of aerobic and anaerobic vials improves the sensitivity of the detection of fungi and reduces the detection time and a growing number of fungemia cases have been observed in recent decades.
Indications for STB are thrombosis of two of the six major venous accesses, episodes of catheter-related infections (two or more per year, fungemia, shock, or respiratory failure), liver disease, alterations of growth and development in children, and refractory electrolyte changes.
Molecular identification and antifungal susceptibility of yeast isolates causing fungemia collected in a population-based study in Spain in 2010 and 2011.
Candida krusei fungemia in an immunocompromised patient.
The clinical significance of positive blood cultures: a comprehensive analysis of 500 episodes of bacteremia and fungemia in adults.
Comment: While probiotics are generally considered safe, they have on rare occasions caused severe infections (septicemia: bacteremia from Lactobacillus strains or fungemia from Saccharomyces strains).
Ambas causam meningoencefalite, de evolucao grave e fatal, acompanhada ou nao, de lesao pulmonar evidente, fungemia e focos secundarios para pele, rins, suprarenal, ossos e outros.
Health care-associated infections have been reported and include catheter-associated fungemia (1) and an outbreak of E.