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n. fungistasis, acto de impedir o arrestar el desarrollo de hongos.
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Effects of soil fungistasis on Beauveria bassiana and its relationship to disease incidence in the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, in Michigan and Rhode Island soils.
Conversely, when C is added above the needs of the saprotrophic competitors, the germination of pathogens may be stimulated and fungistasis broken (Campbell, 1989).
The suppressive effect exerted by these antagonistic fungi on Foa could be attributed on the one hand, the intense action of fungistasis and antibiosis that act directly on the activities of the parasite, and secondly, at the onset of induced resistance in date palm seedlings.
Esto se demostro al reinocular los hongos sometidos a cada tratamiento en un medio sin complementar, y se observo crecimiento micelial despues de 3 a 5 dias, indicando fungistasis.
The mechanisms of action of Trichoderma are: antagonism, competition with pathogens and other microorganisms, lytic enzyme action, symbiosis, antibiosis, and fungistasis (Sivan and Chet, 1993; Grosh et al.