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a. fungitóxico, de efecto tóxico en los hongos.
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Chemical composition and fungitoxic properties to phytopathogenic fungi of essential oils of selected aromatic plants growing wild in Turkey.
The residual protective effect of sodium n-methyldithiocarbamate (NaMDC) fumigant was investigated in Douglas-fir timbers in a bridge in western Oregon using fungal colonization and levels of methylisothiocyanate (MITC; the primary fungitoxic breakdown product of NaMDC) as the measures of protection.
This paper reports the fungitoxic activity of four locally available plant species against Fusarium oxysporum Schl.
The extract showed broad fungitoxic spectrum when tested against 13 ringworm fungi (Singh 1989).
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The fungitoxic effects of fungicide resulted in inhibition of Trichoderma isolates tested in this investigation.
In another study conducted in Canada, two fungitoxic compounds identified as trichodermin and trichodermol were isolated from a fungal culture filtrate of Stachybotrys cylindrospora C.
Fungitoxic activity of aqueous and organic solvent extracts ofTagetes erectus on phyioparhogenic fungus - Ascochyta rabid Pak.