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n. pl. fun·goes Baseball
A fly ball hit for fielding practice by a player who tosses the ball up and hits it on its way down with a long, thin, light bat.

[Origin unknown.]


n, pl -does or -dos
1. (Baseball) the act of tossing the ball upwards and hitting it as it descends
2. (Baseball) a ball hit in this manner
3. (Baseball) a light bat designed to be used to hit fungoes
4. (Baseball) to hit (a ball) high into the air
5. (Baseball) to toss (a ball) upwards and hit it as it descends


(ˈfʌŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -goes.
1. (in practice sessions) a baseball tossed by the batter into the air and struck as it comes down.
2. a batted ball, esp. a fly ball, hit in this manner.
3. Also called fun′go bat`. a long, narrow bat used for fungoes.


- A baseball drill in which a batter tosses a ball in the air and hits it as it descends, probably from Scottish fung, "to pitch, toss, fling."
See also related terms for toss.
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park falling & failing & or fungoes a nightingale's pastoral
He challenged generations of young players with his precision fungoes, teased them, worked them, helped bring out the best in them, gave to each the sympathetic ear of a friend.
While our boys, all three of them, are willing to indulge dear old dad in a little spirited play--whether it be hockey (the driveway variety), basketball (I put up the net myself), football (as long as I'm QB), or baseball (usually Wiffle Ball, but I do hit fungoes and throw BP at the park)--when it comes time to hit the fairway or the driving range, we usually seek out our daughter, a tenacious and feisty midfielder who doubles as a determined cross country runner to stay in shape for soccer.
Added manager Steve Maddock: "She'll continue to be in the dugout with us, on the road, helping out with the little things, hitting fungoes.
He helps the coaching staff by throwing batting practice, hitting fungoes and doing soft-toss work with hitters.
The boys of Eugene summer are the Emeralds, and they were back in June to run down fly balls and fungoes in old Civic Stadium.
And he hardly went through any withdrawal - no late-night cravings to hit fungoes or fill out any lineup cards.
He's quite a guy,'' said Padres majority owner John Moores, watching Lopes hit fungoes during batting practice this week.
The modest 25-year old-doesn't know why exactly - his fastball is in the 83-84 mph range - calling himself a ``thumber'' as he hit fungoes during a recent Giants batting practice.
I'm suiting up, throwing batting practice and hitting fungoes before the game.
Howard Johnson found his inspiration last summer hitting fungoes in Montana.
No excuses,'' Radinsky said, adding that he asked for the post-game fungoes ``just so I could go home and feel good tonight.