adj. Nonstandard
More fun. See Usage Note at fun.
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Funner fact: My daughter went to Jewish nursery school with Hautzig's granddaughter; both enjoyed the slide.
I've accrued all this knowledge and experience and I just want to use it to make Bellingham a funner place to live," he said.
He says in the clip: "You won't find anyone funner, quirkier or more colourful than I am.
His cousin Naomi Tull, 21, said: "He made growing up a lot funner.
It's like math in a funner way," added his classmate, Owen Volem.
We're getting too comfortable with our (jump) shots falling and just like anybody when you're making shots the game is a lot easier, it's a lot funner, things go a lot better.
Sandra Wilde (Professor of Curriculum and Teaching at Hunter College, City University of New York) presents Funner Grammar: Fresh Ways to Teach Usage, Language, and Writing Conventions, a resource for teachers charged with helping students in grades 3-8 improve their English literacy and writing skills.
Oh, all kinds of things-- a career we'd like to see go places; friends, celebrities, and role models waiting longer to settle down; a lack of interest in all the strings that come with a relationship, because, right now, there are other, funner, things to bother withC* But most importantly, it has got to do with women finally understanding that they have the power of choice- Choosing to be with someone, leave someone or put their life on a particular path.
Funner grammar; fresh ways to teach usage, language, and writing conventions, grades 3-8.
Chief Rover CJ Scarlet says about RCI's newest employee: “Shirlita makes everything funner (at Roving Coach 'funner' is a word often used)
words 'was really good' I also remembered this vocab 24 Remembering the vocab The comic strip was helpful better as it was a fun way to learn --it was easier to learn 25 A way of using the vocab I found the comic strip fun that I knew to make a story and it helped with vocabulary because it helped us to learn it in a funner [sic] way which helped us remember it 26 Helpful P = participants (1-26): the 26 students who participated in the study