adj. Nonstandard
Most fun. See Usage Note at fun.
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I wouldn't say there was a crash, but obviously going to China after you win the US Open is not always going to be the funnest thing.
It's like the easiest job ever, but the funnest job and the hardest job at the same time.
Dion, who has a fiancee and a child and has lost old friends in joining the force, goes on a journey from exuberance -- "I want to chase somebody, I think that would be the funnest part" -- to experience: "Most of the time they just want someone and need someone to talk to," he will say of the people he eventually meets on the job.
H]ands do the funnest flight ever and I was even traveling with my baby.
On a Facebook post, The Rock called it the 'biggest, coolest, craziest, dopest, most over the top, funnest (is that even a word?
Teamed w/ @Apple to make the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?
I never really did them and then last year someone just got me to try them and it was the funnest shit ever.
It's also the funnest way to lose weight because you enjoy the loss of weight regime for a change.
2: This is about the funnest jogging game that you're ever going to take part in, trust me.
Venues that we started off playing along with so many other bands have created some of our funnest memories to date.
I never get bored of showbiz parties, I just locate the funnest people in the room and I go for the free booze.
95, 224 pages, ISBN 9781612122311), by Julia Rothman, is easily the funnest nature book I've come across in a long while, and like the word "funnest," it doesn't follow the rules.