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 (fyo͝or′ăn′, fyo͝o-răn′)
1. A colorless, volatile, heterocyclic organic compound, C4H4O, obtained from wood oils and used primarily in organic synthesis. Also called furfuran.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound.


(ˈfjʊəræn; fjʊəˈræn)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless flammable toxic liquid heterocyclic compound, used in the manufacture of cotton textiles and in the synthesis of nylon. Formula: C4H4O. Also called: furfuran
[C19: shortened form of furfuran, from furfur]


(ˈfyʊər æn, fyʊˈræn)

a colorless, liquid, unsaturated, five-membered heterocyclic compound, C4H4O, obtained from furfural: used chiefly in organic synthesis.
[1890–95; shortening of furfuran < German Furfuran (1879); see furfural, -an2]
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Noun1.furan - a colorless toxic flammable liquid used in the synthesis of nylon
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
nitrofuran - derivative of furan used to inhibit bacterial growth
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Now scientists believe that lower temperatures and shorter dwell-times used in HPTS, compared to conventional retorting, could lead to the formation of fewer contaminants, such as furan.
New reports examine furan and perchlorate and addenda are provided for earlier reports on acrylamide, arsenic, deoxynivalenol, and mercury.
Terasawa et al produced a lignocellulose molded product with adequate moisture resistance by mixing the bioresin with furan resin.
amp;nbsp; The longer that coffee is exposed to the air in cups or jugs, meanwhile, the more the furan evaporates.
The use and incineration of PCP and creosote-treated wood products creates highly chlorinated dioxin and furan congeners, such as the signature congeners octa-chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin (OCDD) and 1,2,3,4,6,7,8-hepta-chlorinated dibenzo p-dioxin (1,2,3,4,6,7,8-HpCDD) (ATSDR, 2001; Dahlgren, Warshaw, Horsak, Parker, & Takhar, 2003; Dahlgren et al.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Adhesives & Sealants in Millions of Pounds, and US$ Million by the following Chemical Types: Adhesives (Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Phenolic, Polyolefin, Epoxy, Starch & Dextrin, Acrylic (includes Cyanoacrylic & Others, Acrylic PSA, and Acrylic Emulsion), Urea Formaldehyde, Polyvinyl Acetal, Polyvinyl Acetate, Neoprene, Thermoplastic Rubber, Polyurethane, Natural Rubber, Protein, Furan, Polyvinyl Chloride, Reclaimed Rubber, Silicate, Silicone Rubber, Polyamide, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Nitrile, Butyl Rubber & PIB, Polyester, Ethylene, Bitumen, & Miscellaneous), and Sealants.
When biomass such as corn stover, wood or sugarcane bagasse is broken down into its component sugars, this tends to generate the furan aldehyde 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) as a byproduct.
Research in the past has shown that ionizing radiation can induce the formation of furan in solutions of simple sugars and ascorbic acid.
WITH regards to Operation Furan by South Wales Police (Echo, September 30) it would appear that Chief Superintendent Josh Jones has not heard that self-praise is no recommendation.
Dioxin and furan compounds are often by-products of PCB formulation, and prior to 1977 many paints and plasticizers were formulated with PCBs to improve water and chemical resistance.
Acetyl furan was oxidized into aldehyde intermediate in the first stage and then oxidized into the acid in the second stage with a total yield of 63%.
The third essay, titled 1,2-cycloaddition reaction of carbonyl compounds and pentaatomic heterocyclic compounds, by three chemists at the university of the Basilica in Potenza, Italy, concerns the Paterno-Buchi reaction on Furan derivatives and on pentaatomic heterocycles differing from Furan.