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tr.v. fur·nished, fur·nish·ing, fur·nish·es
a. To provide (what is needed or desired): furnished the snacks for the party.
b. To provide furniture for: furnish a room.
c. To provide something necessary or desired to; equip: furnished the students with pens.
2. To have as an available or desirable feature: a courtyard that furnishes a fine view.

[Middle English furnisshen, from Old French fournir, fourniss-, of Germanic origin; see per in Indo-European roots.]

fur′nish·er n.
Synonyms: furnish, equip, outfit, supply
These verbs mean to provide with what is necessary for an activity or a purpose: furnished the team with new uniforms; equip a car with snow tires; had to outfit the children for summer camp; supplied the crew with hardhats.
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There have been decorators and furnishers up from Plymouth, and it is evident that our friend has large ideas and means to spare no pains or expense to restore the grandeur of his family.
As a furnisher of business for me and for Mammy Dorcas she is exhaustlessly competent, but I like my share of it and of course Dorcas likes hers, for Dorcas "raised" George, and Cathy is George over again in so many ways that she brings back Dorcas's youth and the joys of that long-vanished time.
I put my hand in his, wondering who he was, and we walked away to a shop in a narrow street, on which was written OMER, DRAPER, TAILOR, HABERDASHER, FUNERAL FURNISHER, &c.
Master Foam is the official sponsor of the event, while Master Celeste, Inter wood, Decent Furnishers, Chinese Craftsman, Style and Comfort, Wood Castle, Ikon home and Su casa are the other major exhibitors.
The company has invested more than PS150,000 in the new store, based in the old Dickinsons Furnishers which ceased trading last month.
Ms Neo Seretetse of Kazungula has walked away with Hisense goods valued at P35 000 at Bradlows Furnishers in Kasane on Dec 15.
Police are appealing for witnesses to the crime at Happy Home Furnishers in Cardiff to come forward.
Now police are appealing for witnesses to the crime at the Happy Home Furnishers shop in Cardiff.
Diamond Foam is the prime sponsor of the event, while Dolce Vita Home, Habitt, NM Furnishers, National Furnishers, Interwood, Ambiance, ChenOne Home, Dawon Chairs, Index Furniture, Fantac, Style and Comfort, Torch, Furniture Kingdom, Profine, OffiSys, Charag Din and Co, Offix and Purani Yaadein are the other major exhibitors.
The senior executives of renowned furniture brands such as ChenOne, Mohkam Furnishers, Charag Din and Co.
Other nostalgic snapshots capture the brimming street scenes of the 50s and 60s, including businesses like the butchers of R Stoddard & Sons butchers, founded in 1866; the advent of the motorised cars from horse drawn carriages; as well as former landmark buildings, that have now disappeared, like the Mitchell and Butlers' pub The Gate, which ran from 1888 to 1970, on the corner of Alfred's Place, close to Lockwoods' house furnishers and Mrs Morgan's Fish and Chip Shop.
The punch-up happened in Warwick Road, opposite Thomas Hearn Furnishers, at around 11.