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a dialectal rendering of foreigner, often used humorously


(ˈfɜr ə nər, ˈfʌr-)

n. Dial.
a foreigner.
References in classic literature ?
Craig, "'Will you try to make me believe as furriners like them can do us half th' harm them ministers do with their bad government?
It will replace the ubiquitous Vinca minor or myrtle, a slow growing, expensive evergreen furriner.
She didn't even yell but said some furriner jaw-breaking word, exquisite exquisite, said it over and over again.
The comments of a middle-aged Methodist who had been active in a committee formed to aid Lewis underscored the defensiveness Soviet criticism on race produced in many Americans: "It's been most humiliating for us, as Americans, to hear a lot of furriners [sic] get up and jabber about how our government was no good and how we couldn't make laws to suit ourselves.