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Capable of being fused or melted by heating.

fu′si·bil′i·ty, fu′si·ble·ness n.
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When we hear that the strongest battery in Paris was used, and that its power on a substance of such easy fusibility as glass was to form tubes so diminutive, we must feel greatly astonished at the force of a shock of lightning, which, striking the sand in several places, has formed cylinders, in one instance of at least thirty feet long, and having an internal bore, where not compressed, of full an inch and a half; and this in a material so extraordinarily refractory as quartz!
This valuable metal possesses the whiteness of silver, the indestructibility of gold, the tenacity of iron, the fusibility of copper, the lightness of glass.
So that, N-substituted pyrroles are one of the most used derivatives to increase the solubility and fusibility of polypyrroles [15].
Pellets were prepared with the two bonds and were subjected to fusibility test and adherence test by firing in kiln for 48 hours and cooling for 24 hours.
UPPER DIR -- Jamaati-Islami (JI) Upper Dir claimed that all Malakand Division load shedding will be finished if the provincial and federal government sighted Upper Dir say JI Ameer sahibzada Faseh Ullah and JI media cell in-charge Muhammad Anwar Khan to journalist they says that upper dir is full of natural resources such as water a big river as here (DARYAYE PANJKORA) if he government constrict the power station (DAM) (SHARMAYEE/ SERATAYEE) here this will be facilitate all the Malakand division and finished the short fall of electricity they say that the fusibility report was ready and the expenditure as vary low.
Corncobs have a heat value twice that of forest residue and have very specific fusibility characteristics.
The KAL Series can be tailored to many different types of requirements such as low inductance, non-inductively wound, high surge, high voltage, and fusibility in addition to different types of terminations such as tabs, flying leads, and crimped connectors.
The general lack of solubility and fusibility of these materials make the formation of coating on active metals difficult.
Among the topics are the computational and experimental design of novel high-temperature alloys, effects of firing conditions on the coal ash fusibility test, fabricating thin and thick films of photocatalytic titania, a thermodynamic database for hydrogen storage materials, fine controlled metallo-dendrimers for advanced nano-catalysts, the status and challenges of molten carbonate fuel cells, applying carbon nanotubes in lithium-ion batteries, and ionic liquid binary mixtures for low-temperature applications.