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Capable of being fused or melted by heating.

fu′si·bil′i·ty, fu′si·ble·ness n.


capable of being fused or melted
ˌfusiˈbility, ˈfusibleness n
ˈfusibly adv


(ˈfyu zə bəl)

capable of being fused or melted.
fu`si•bil′i•ty, fu′si•ble•ness, n.
fu′si•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.fusible - capable of being melted and fused
liquified, melted, liquid - changed from a solid to a liquid state; "rivers filled to overflowing by melted snow"
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He was of the iron of which martyrs are made, but in the heart of the matrix had lurked a nobler metal, fusible at a milder heat, yet never coloring nor softening the hard exterior.
Do not the constructive fingers of Watt, Fulton, Whittemore, Arkwright, predict the fusible, hard, and temperable texture of metals, the properties of stone, water, and wood?
There are many well-educated graduates from good universities in Chengdu and Chongqing, who can play important roles in the managing and operating sectors for interlining products of woven interlining, non-woven interlining and fusible interlining," said Sam.
Quilt-designing sisters Barbara and Teri provide here a fine gathering of projects that express their love of quilting, blending traditional with trendy fabrics and colors in 14 projects that focus on piecing and fusible applique.
Heavy-duty fusible and non-fusible disconnects from Ferraz Shawmut, in 600 V ac and 250 V dc meet UL98 standards.
Six historical quilts have inspired these patterns and are suitable for both fusible applique and embroidery and fabric painting.
JARO Components has announced the TCF Series of lead-free, fusible, surface-mount tantalum chip capacitors.
Resintex nonwovens for apparel can all be either fusible, non-fusible or slitted.
Featured products include a beautiful palette of fusible glass, comprehensive instruction books and videos, molds of all shapes and sizes, bead-making kits and tools; beading and jewelry supplies and beads; and the popular PMC silver jewelry clay.
CSR Polypipe is lightweight and flexible for easy installation and heat fusible for fully restrained joints.
To ensure repeatability may require conventional slide-action cores to lock cores in place, mold complex shapes on the outside of a part, and reduce fusible core mass (the more you use conventional sliding cores, the less fusible core is needed).