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A light flintlock musket.

[French, steel in a flintlock, firearm, from Old French fuisil, steel for a tinderbox, from Vulgar Latin *focīlis (petra), fire-(stone), from Late Latin focus, fire, from Latin, hearth.]


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a light flintlock musket
[C16 (in the sense: steel for a tinderbox): from Old French fuisil, from Vulgar Latin focīlis (unattested), from Latin focus fire]


(Heraldry) heraldry a charge shaped like a lengthened lozenge
[C15: from Old French fusel, ultimately from Latin fūsus spindle, fuse1 (the heraldic lozenge originally represented a spindle covered with tow for spinning)]


(ˈfyu zəl, -sɪl)

a light flintlock musket.
[1670–80; < French: musket, Old French fuisil, foisil steel for striking fire « Latin focus]


(ˈfyu zəl, -sɪl)

also fu•sile

(-zəl, -sɪl, -saɪl)

1. formed by melting or casting; fused; founded.
2. Archaic. capable of being melted; fusible.
3. Archaic. melted; molten.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin fūsilis molten =fu(n)d(ere) to pour, cast + -tilis -tile]
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Noun1.fusil - a light flintlock musket
musket - a muzzle-loading shoulder gun with a long barrel; formerly used by infantrymen
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From what I can tell from your photos, it certainly appears to be a French Fusil d'infanterie modele 1763/66.
Plus de 300 cartouches de fusil de chasse, de la poudre inflammable et du materiel a fabriquer des fusils ont ete retrouvees.
Dans le cadre de la lutte antiterroriste et de la securisation des frontieres et lors d'une patrouille de reconnaissance, menee au niveau de la zone frontaliere de Bordj Badji Mokhtar a la 6eme Region militaire, un detachement de l'Armee nationale populaire a decouvert, cet apres-midi 29 septembre 2017, une cache d'armes (16 pieces) et de munitions contenant un (01) fusil lance-grenades, un (01) fusil a lunettes, cinq (05) pistolets mitrailleurs de type Kalachnikov, six (06) fusils semi-automatiques de type Simonov, trois (03) fusils a repetition, quatre (04) grenades offensives ainsi qu'une importante quantite de munitions de differents calibres", precise la meme source.
In 1889, Mauser entered his improved rifle in Belgian army trials, and after two years of testing, it was adopted as the Fusil d'Infanterie Mie.
Les services securitaires ont pu mettre la main sur des armes, dont un fusil mitrailleur de marque FAB de calibre 7,62 mm, un autre fusil de chasse Browning de calibre 12 mm, une carabine a billes et a canon, ainsi que des chargeurs de differentes marques, dont 4 chargeurs pour fusils, un chargeur pour fusil mitrailleur, 30 cartouches pour fusil de chasse, 300 balles intactes, 5 bombes fumigenes, 3 sabres, 2 longs couteaux, 2 batons a decharge electrique.
During the 1870s, various models were obtained from Remington and Belgian firms, and in 1879 a standardized pattern was approved as the Fusil Modelo Argentino 1879 "Patria.
Una voz en off dice entonces: "Con gran sorpresa se aprecia que el hombre al fondo porta un fusil G-36.
Fusiliers got their name because they fired a type of gun called the flintlock fusil, instead of the more common matchlock musket.
Ce dernier a ete hospitalise a Tunis et les trois salafistes presumes ont pu prendre la fuite abandonnant un fusil d'assaut de type Kalachnikov.
La pregunta viene de Ryszard Kapuscinski en Cristo con un Fusil al Hombro, reeditado por Anagrama.
This is a real handgun," said owner Jean Pierre Fusil.
Industrial Ceramic Products has introduced Fusil 2000, a hybrid material that can be used to manufacture refractory shapes for use in crucibles, pouring cups, melt-out plugs and ladles.