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 (fyo͞o′zəl, -zīl′)
1. Capable of being fused; fusible.
2. Archaic Formed by melting or casting.

[Middle English, from Latin fūsilis, from fūsus, past participle of fundere, to melt; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfjuːzaɪl) or


1. (Chemistry) easily melted; fusible
2. (Metallurgy) formed by casting or melting; founded
[C14: from Latin fūsilis molten, from fundere to pour out, melt]
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IN 1886, FRANCE ADOPTED one of the most important arms in the history of modern warfare, the Fusile Modele 1886 Lebel.
The Berthier setup was just too good to be restricted to carbines, and soon after its introduction, a rifle version, the fusile de tirailleur Indochinois Modele 1902, for use by troops in Indochina, made its appearance.
Chester succeeds Jeff Fusile, who is joining WellPoint this month as the senior vice president and chief financial officer of the company's operating unit.
Fusile speculates that these companies may be relying on encryption alone and not developing policies that detail how or when encryption should be used.
Fusile, director and national leader for HIPAA services at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
One implication of these findings is that while some organizations have clearly found an effective way to meet requirements, others may have implemented solutions that are not working as expected," said Jeffrey Fusile, partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers' HIPAA Advisory Services Team.
Most of the French during the Napoleonic Wars were issued with the superb Fusile d'Infanterie Modele 1777 and its variant the Year Nine, so designated because it was adopted in the ninth year after the Revolution, in accordance with the new French calendar.
Jeff Fusile, a PwC Health Industries partner, added that "PwC is proud to have played an influential role in the early development of the HITRUST Common Security Framework and the creation of preliminary standards in this crucial initiative.
PwC is more than 140,000 people in 149 countries sharing across our global network thinking, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice for our clients here in Indiana," say Jeff Fusile.
The resulting new rifle was officially called the Fusile Modele 1866, but unofficially named the Chassepot, after its inventor, Antoine Alphonse Chassepot.
69-caliber Fusile Modele 1822 T Bis (a percussion conversion from an older flintlock musket) and the Models 1842 and 1853-57, not to mention shorter rifles and carbines built on similar platforms, with their high, straight hammers, seemed to lend themselves to a side-swinging conversion, a la the Snider.