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also fu·sil·eer  (fyo͞o′zə-lîr′)
1. A soldier in any of certain British army regiments formerly armed with fusils.
2. A soldier armed with a fusil.

[French, musketeer, from fusil, musket; see fusil.]
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FORMER Welsh Fusileer Stephen Richards spent on average pounds 500 a week on cocaine and cannabis.
Asad Shariff, aged 14, (below) gets a helping hand from Fusileer Richard Marsh to scale the wall of the assault course.
Mold Crown Court was told former Royal Welch Fusileer Craig Wesley Griffiths, 23,of Chapel Terrace in Ponciau, Wrexham, was jailed for five and a half years in March after he admitted wounding with intent both James Collier and Kevin Bailey.