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also fu·sil·eer  (fyo͞o′zə-lîr′)
1. A soldier in any of certain British army regiments formerly armed with fusils.
2. A soldier armed with a fusil.

[French, musketeer, from fusil, musket; see fusil.]


1. (Military) (formerly) an infantryman armed with a light musket
2. (Military)
a. a soldier, esp a private, serving in any of certain British or other infantry regiments
b. (pl; cap. when part of a name): the Royal Welch Fusiliers.
[C17: from French; see fusil1]


or fu•sil•eer

(ˌfyu zəˈlɪər)

a member of a British regiment formerly armed with fusils.
[1670–80; < French; see fusil1, -ier2]
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Noun1.fusilier - (formerly) a British infantryman armed with a light flintlock musketfusilier - (formerly) a British infantryman armed with a light flintlock musket
foot soldier, footslogger, infantryman, marcher - fights on foot with small arms


[ˌfjuːzɪˈlɪəʳ] N (Brit) → fusilero m


n (Brit) → Füsilier m


[ˌfjuːzɪˈlɪəʳ] nfuciliere m
References in classic literature ?
Captain Granet of the Royal Fusiliers, home from the Front on leave," Granet replied.
At Agra there were the 3d Bengal Fusiliers, some Sikhs, two troops of horse, and a battery of artillery.
Having completed my studies there, I was duly attached to the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers as Assistant Surgeon.
The third man could not be identified but was given full military honours because experts confirmed that he was a fusilier.
VETERANS from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers marked St George's Day by laying wreaths to remember their fallen comrades.
Former servicemen of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers came together as they do on April 23 every year at the Church of St Thomas the Martyr at Haymarket in Newcastle, to lay wreaths in memory of those who died in battle.
THOUSANDS lined the streets of Leamington to welcome home our heroes from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
Because of a radio problem, Fusilier Knott could not contact officers to get an order to fire and made a decision himself.
Fusilier Burgess died on April 7 while he and a small patrol in the Nad 'Ali area of Afghanistan's Helmand province came under heavy fire from Taliban fighters.
The Bishop of Coventry told the service that Fusilier Bush had suffered his injuries in a great act of bravery.
The Royal Welsh Regiment is to get the freedoms of Caernarfon and Flintshire: its Fusilier battalion will parade to accept them (pictured: Royal Welch Fusiliers before the regimental merger)
The memorial in Killingworth in North Tyneside is the first time the men from the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers who fell in the 1960s conflict have been remembered in such a way.