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also fuss-bud·get  (fŭs′bŭj′ĭt)
A person who fusses over trifles. Also called fusspot.


informal the US equivalent of fusspot


(ˈfʌsˌbʌdʒ ɪt)

a fussy or needlessly fault-finding person.
[1900–05, Amer.]
fuss′budg`et•y, adj.
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Lee wasn't a petty fussbudget who hated chewing gum.
However, Norval signs the wrong moniker on the first marriage certificate, and the comic fussbudget justice of the peace (Porter Hall) gets Norval arrested.
If he can satisfy his fussbudget, junk food junkie friend Leo, then he will surely have a winner
The script by Sue Smith and Kelly Marcel offers ever-so-tidy connections between the modern-day fussbudget and the traumas of little Helen's youth.
Being a veteran PPC competitor he is a trigger fussbudget.
Being the fussbudget I am, I clamped the tang in a milling vise and did this operation on the drill press.
and religiously dismisses the relevance of fact in the veracity of the model's red pubic hair in Courbet's "The Origin of the World": "You have to remember that Le Realisme wasn't a fussbudget documentarian's fidelity to prosaic reality but a prophet's allegiance to essential truth.
However, as one poster to Meerman Scott's blog notes: "[A]t the risk of seeming like a fussbudget I'll say that, like all 'empowering technologies,' DIY video can lead to some pretty scary outcomes.
Larry David plays a neurotic fussbudget named Larry David," the Washington Post said in 2010.
Now I don't want to be a fussbudget so as I write I'm taking a chill pill to try to get some perspective on this whole farrago.
In his day-to-day life, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a classic Victorian fussbudget who, whatever the season, always wore gloves (just like the White Rabbit) and a top hat outdoors.
Of course, I've heard some pediatricians dismiss the question out of hand, chalking it up to a fussbudget parent.