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tr.v. fus·ti·gat·ed, fus·ti·gat·ing, fus·ti·gates
1. To beat with a club; cudgel.
2. To criticize harshly: "Joe McCarthy .... fustigated Robert La Follette Jr., the incumbent whom he whipped in the GOP primary, as an isolationist" (Bill Kauffman).

[Late Latin fūstigāre, fūstigāt- : Latin fūstis, club; see fusty + Latin agere, to do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

fus′ti·ga′tion n.


beating with a stick or club.
See also: Punishment
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We would like to point out that we only examined those types of impolite acts which we found more recurrent in the scripts analysed: (a) formally impolite acts with a polite purpose; (b) formally polite acts with an impolite purpose; and (c) fustigation impoliteness.
Optimum nitrogen fustigation organization for com using.
La fustigation de l'idolatrie et du materialisme est ainsi bien au centre du texte et de ses resonances et remotivations litteraires, l'attaque de la pratique des Indulgences occupant une place de choix dans ce contexte (<< Et que disent-ils ?