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1. The common Germanic runic alphabet.
2. also fu·thorc or fu·thork (-thôrk′) The Old English runic alphabet.

[From the first six letters of the alphabet: f, u, th, a, r, k (or c).]
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A short sword or 'scramasax' found in the bed of the Thames in 1857 and now in the British Museum has a runic alphabet or futhorc inscribed on its blade, which has been thought to have a magical purpose.
The Anglo-Saxons seem to have known the runic alphabet (or futhorc, named after the first six letters of the standard runic series) when they first came to Britain in the fifth century, for runic inscriptions in Old English on various materials (initially clay, bone, or metal) survive from the settlement period onwards.
We frequently encounter there concise, apparently unrelated, sometimes laconic expressions necessitating meditation, or, in the case of "The Runic Poem", a series of statements explaining the significance of the signs of futhorc.