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One of the curved timbers that forms a rib in the frame of a ship.

[Middle English fottek, perhaps alteration of fothok : fot, foot; see foot + hok, hook; see hook.]


(Nautical Terms) nautical one of the ribs in the frame of a wooden vessel
[C13: perhaps variant of foothook]


(ˈfʌt ək)

any of the timbers forming the lower portion of the frame in a wooden hull.
[1605–15; perhaps alter. of foothook]
allonge de barre
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AuOnce, this was a stout ship, with oak futtocks and floor timbers, fastened with iron nails, built with saw and adz and the calloused hands of shipwrights now long dead.
The eight-strong team, known as the Grunt Futtocks, after a famous Kenneth Williams sketch, set off on the 17 day, 300 mile trek, from Southport to Portsmouth, on Monday.
How it's used: Treenails hold together many of the ship's wooden parts, such as the exterior planking to the ribs, or futtocks.