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adj. fuzz·i·er, fuzz·i·est
1. Covered with fuzz.
2. Of or resembling fuzz.
3. Not clear; indistinct: a fuzzy recollection of past events.
4. Not coherent; confused: a fuzzy plan of action.

[Perhaps from Low German fussig, spongy; see pū̆- in Indo-European roots.]

fuzz′i·ly adv.
fuzz′i·ness n.
بِغُموض، بِصورةٍ مُبْهَمَه
á óskÿran hátt
bulanık/donuk bir şekilde


[ˈfʌzɪlɪ] ADV
1. (= hazily) → borrosamente
2. (= confusedly) → confusamente


advverschwommen; fuzzily wordedunklar formuliert


[ˈfʌzɪlɪ] advconfusamente


(faz) noun
a mass of soft, light material such as fine light hair etc. The peaches were covered with fuzz.
ˈfuzzy adjective
1. covered with fuzz. fuzzy material.
2. indistinct; blurred; not clear. The television picture was fuzzy.
ˈfuzzily adverb
ˈfuzziness noun
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One of my teachers had noticed my hair was growing back fuzzily but evenly, instead 'Mum the and never house of the patchy regrowth chemo patients experience.
Now scarcely a week goes by without some Facebook pronouncement or other, either updating the wider world about its latest quest to put its operations beyond criticism or assuring us that its belief in an eternally upbeat, fuzzily liberal ethos is as fervent as ever.
17) As we shall see, however, there is good evidence to support an emic Germanic and Anglo-Saxon genre category that modern critics have identified fuzzily with the etic genre term "elegy.
Older heads fuzzily recall Hilary climbing Everest, JFK, the moon landings and (for Americans) Watergate; then come the deaths of Elvis and Lennon, the Falklands War and the Ethiopian famine.
The dictionary contains critiques of numerous words, including those mentioned above, and demonstrates in detail how the use of equivocations, neologisms, and business-oriented rewordings are fuzzily conceived so that meaning may be evaded and criticism sidestepped.
Thus, people may be only fuzzily visible or may be first visible and then invisible--demanding that the researchers come up with a way of dealing with missing quantitative data in a context that calls for purely qualitative information.
Burke's whole project was one of preventing or minimizing "caprice" and tyranny in politics by fostering the idea that there was in fact Truth to which individuals and society should conform, and that knowledge of this Truth is embodied, mysteriously and fuzzily, in the practices, customs, institutions, and great figures of the past.
And there were many claims by the candidates that cried out for plain follow-up: for example, former transportation secretary Mar Roxas sidestepping the question of his inept handling of the MRT mess, by fuzzily saying new trains have arrived, anyway, and are about to be deployed-right by the time the buzzer sounded and the moderators moved on to the next candidate; or Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte repeating his promise to continue killing criminals but within the law-with no one reminding him that the Constitution itself, which he would swear to on his first day of office once elected president, expressly prohibits the very summary executions he favors and promotes.
Operations research management science has been mostly studied with structured and well defined problems with crisply or fuzzily defined information.
Part of the problem is that in Vietnam, '[t]he fact and fiction distinction still made in Western thinking, however fuzzily, does not seem to apply at all' (p.
When Soeharto fell in 1998, many writers like Amien Rais and others continued on the neo-colonial or neo-imperial discussion by looking at domestic capture by a global, albeit fuzzily defined, enemy rooted in international financial circles.