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When the stage-driver found us unable to pay our fare, he held on upon our bag- gage as security for the debt.
From this station, as I pleased myself with imagining, Gage may have beheld his disastrous victory on Bunker Hill (unless one of the tri-mountains intervened), and Howe have marked the approaches of Washington's besieging army; although the buildings since erected in the vicinity have shut out almost every object, save the steeple of the Old South, which seems almost within arm's length.
The shape of Gage, as true as in a looking-glass," exclaimed Lord Percy, turning pale.
No, surely," cried Miss Joliffe, laughing hysterically; "it could not be Gage, or Sir William would have greeted his old comrade in arms
General Gage, an officer of the old French War, and since commander-in- chief of the British forces in America, was appointed governor in his stead.
Soon after General Gage became governor a great many troops had arrived, and were encamped upon the Common.
General Gage sent eight hundred soldiers to Concord, about eighteen miles from Boston, to destroy some ammunition and provisions which the colonists had collected there.
General Gage and his troops were cooped up within the narrow precincts of the peninsula.
The whole country was then a wilderness, and it was necessary to transport the bag gage of the troops by means of the rivers—a devious but practicable route.
We now throw down the gage to the capital of the world.
A dirty or rusty gage won't give an accurate reading.
Because the gage is wireless, the new M1 Wave Sweep Gage relieves operators of twisted cables that result in early failure through cord breakage, and eliminates all their maintenance costs.