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Noun1.gagwriter - someone who writes comic material for public performers
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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Suffice to say, its occupant, Christopher Lloyd, adopts human form and moves in, passing himself off as Daniels' Uncle Martin, and from here the plot bellyflops through a series of "been there seen that" morphing effects as Hurley and the "mad scientist" (Dr E Coleye, bad pun fans) attempt to expose Martin, Daniels realises he really fancies pig-tailed camerawoman Daryl Hannah, and Lloyd attempts to top even the worst of his past manic mugging excesses but amazingly comes a poor second in the irritation stakes to his computer generated space suit which has a life - and mentally defective gagwriter - of its own.
You can't run for political office today without having a gagwriter on your staff," said Helitzer, who addressed the NSNC just prior to a June 29 luncheon appearance by U.