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Variant of djellaba.


or djel•la•ba

(dʒəˈlɑ bə)

n., pl. -bahs or -bas.
a loose-fitting hooded gown or robe worn by men in North Africa.
[1915–20; < Arabic jallabah]
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The last rays of the sun danced off the polished wood of the Gazelle and, from its deck, a man in an immaculate white galabia motioned me aboard.
We were directed to an undesignated, crowded space where porters in long, flowing galabias navigated carts loaded with luggage, cardboard boxes, and overflowing shopping bags through a mob of shoving, yelling travelers.
WELL-DESIGNED and colourful Egyptian jalabiyya are on display at a pavilion called Abodonia Galabia at the ongoing World Trade Festival taking place in Al Wb-Mhairjah area.
my doppelganger stands in a striped galabia, feet planted on the earth
Finally something happy has happened to us," said Amm Mohamed Sayyed, dressed in a galabia, speaking for all Arabs.
She is sitting in one of the house's sun-drenched bedrooms, light pouring through narrow high windows, her traditional galabia gathered around her and hair tucked neatly under a white headscarf.
Nearly all the passengers, Britons from 18 to 70, took part in the themed evenings such as the galabia party and treasure hunt.
Page 3, usually devoted to female semi-nudity, showed Saddam wearing a white Arab galabia robe as he did laundry by hand.