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Noun1.galactocele - a cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance (especially in the mammary glands)
cyst - a closed sac that develops abnormally in some body structure


n. galactocele, quiste de la mama que contiene leche.
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2] These include all non-malignant conditions like fibroadenoma, fibrocystic disease, mastalgia, mammary duct ectasia, sclerosing adenosis, lactational adenoma, benign phyllodes tumour, intraductal papilloma, fibrous disease, blunt duct adenosis, calcification, breast abscess, lactational mastitis, puerperal mastitis, granulomatous lobular mastitis, fat necrosis, tuberculous mastitis, galactocele, gynaecomastia and lipoma.
A galactocele is the most common mass seen in women during late pregnancy, lactation, and shortly after cessation of lactation.
2,3) A galactocele is a milk-filled cyst from overdistension of a lactiferous duct.
An exam by the nurse practitioner (NP) was limited because the patient had breast implants, The NP suspected a galactocele and advised the patient to stop breastfeeding and apply ice packs.
The most important clinical and radiological differential diagnoses are fibroadenoma, lipoma, fat necrosis, and galactocele.
The benign diagnoses included 3 fibroadenomas, 5 cases of fibrocystic change, 1 galactocele, 1 gestational gigantomastia, and 1 case of gynecomastia.
Otras masas mamarias menos comunes son el papiloma intraductal, el galactocele y los lipomas.