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n. pl. ga·le·ae (-lē-ē′)
A helmet-shaped part, such as the upper petal of certain plants or part of the maxilla of an insect.

[Latin, helmet.]


n, pl -leae (-lɪˌiː)
(Botany) a part or organ shaped like a helmet or hood, such as the petals of certain flowers
[C18: from Latin: helmet]
ˈgaleˌate, ˈgaleˌated adj
ˈgaleiˌform adj


(ˈgeɪ li ə)

n., pl. -le•ae (-liˌi)
a hood-shaped anatomical part, esp. of a petal or sepal.
[1700–10; < Latin: helmet]
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Noun1.galea - an organ shaped like a helmet; usually a vaulted and enlarged petal as in Aconitum
plant organ - a functional and structural unit of a plant or fungus
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