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intr.v. ga·lumphed, ga·lumph·ing, ga·lumphs
To move or run clumsily or heavily.

[Coined by Lewis Carroll in his poem "Jabberwocky" in Through the Looking-Glass, perhaps as a blend of gallop and triumph.]


clumsy; inelegant
References in classic literature ?
The Beaver went simply galumphing about, At seeing the Butcher so shy: And even the Baker, though stupid and stout, Made an effort to wink with one eye.
He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back.
Not that it's a competition - but in order to keep coming out ahead in the race for tourists and audience then galumphing sexism is definitely something for regional event organisers to avoid.
The andante fared better, elegant and rather balletic and the basses impressed with their galumphing gruff humour in the trio.
Corwin Sullivan, lead author of the study, "The Daohugou Biota gives us a look at a rarely glimpsed side of the Middle to Late Jurassic -- not a parade of galumphing giants, but an assemblage of quirky little creatures like feathered dinosaurs, pterosaurs with 'advanced' heads on 'primitive' bodies, and the Mesozoic equivalent of a flying squirrel.
The gait is also remarkably consistent across breeds, from galumphing Newfoundlands to a small Jack Russell terrier.
A towering animal of some sort that walked on two legs like a man, but had a long, thick tail, was galumphing towards the terrier.
That Britain needs a sound immigration policy is not in doubt but it surely requires one that is seen to be civilized, not one that smacks of a galumphing police state.
Trilling a surrealist high note while striking the bar chords of narrative, Sky Sandwiches proves that eccentric imagery and galumphing streams of diction enhance emotion and create empirical phrases of melodic motion.
But I cannot stand his moralising, and crass sentimentality and the galumphing humour" Author Hilary Mantel
Instead of a pointed toe and low-slung, extended leg, daisy cutting its way towards victory, what may be required is a high, round knee action, galumphing its way to glory.
He is completely dominated and manipulated by an all-female family of Gorgons--his mother Alice (Leo) and seven galumphing, bottle-blonde, and overweight sisters who hang around in a rugby crowd throughout the film and who seem incapable of independent movement.