game point

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game point

The point needed to win a game, as in tennis.

game point

1. (Tennis) tennis squash badminton a stage at which winning one further point would enable one player or side to win a game
2. (Squash & Fives) tennis squash badminton a stage at which winning one further point would enable one player or side to win a game
3. (Badminton) tennis squash badminton a stage at which winning one further point would enable one player or side to win a game

game′ point`

1. (in tennis, squash, handball, etc.) a situation in which the next point scored could decide the winner of the game.
2. the winning point itself.
نُقْطَة الفَوْز
rozhodující míček
rozhodujúca loptička


(geim) noun
1. an enjoyable activity, which eg children play. a game of pretending.
2. a competitive form of activity, with rules. Football, tennis and chess are games.
3. a match or part of a match. a game of tennis; winning (by) three games to one.
4. (the flesh of) certain birds and animals which are killed for sport. He's very fond of game; (also adjective) a game bird.
brave; willing; ready. a game old guy; game for anything.
ˈgamely adverb
games noun plural
an athletic competition, sometimes with other sports. the Olympic Games.
ˈgamekeeper noun
a person who looks after game.
game point
a winning point.
game reserve
an area of land set aside for the protection of animals.
game warden
a person who looks after a game reserve or, in the United States, game.
the game is up
the plan or trick has failed or has been found out.
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The fourth-seeded Spaniard returned long on game point in the sixth game and the line umpire called the ball out but he was over-ruled by Mourier, who got off his chair to show Goffin a mark -- the wrong one.
Similarly, the 20-year-old Hyderabad based unseeded player gambled away four game points in the first and three more in the second to let his arch rival, whom he had beaten in straight games earlier this year, off the hook to lose a second straight semi-final following the Indian Club event last week.
Two game points went begging, as did a third at 21-20, but they held their nerve to take it 23-21 to level at one set all.
Nuneaton-based Walker and Coventry's Parsons responded to the challenge in the second game and pulled away from 5-5 to set up game points at 20-16.
At 40-30, Murray saved game point by winning a superb rally and he earned match point by winning another.
Oregon withstood three shots at game point by the Wildcats in the fourth game, which was tied at every point from 26-26 to 34-34 until Maricic, Forristall and Newcombe recorded three straight kills to end the game.
With a forehand smash across the table Areeb saved game point and converted the next two to win the opening game.
Raonic, bidding to become Canada's first grand slam singles champion, had his first break points of the match at 2-2 in the third set but Murray snuffed out the danger, letting out a huge roar after winning game point.
Back came Andrews to get to game point first at 20-19, but another tight net shot set up a smash to save the game point for Murphy and he finally got home on his third match point at 24-22.
A close-fought 12th game saw Mahut squander a chance to level at game point but he held his nerve to draw level at 6-6 and force a tie-break.
Murray moved to 40-15 to claim two match points but the home favourite reeled off three points for game point before the Briton hauled him back to deuce.
I always wanted to be the one go-to person that can put the ball away on game point.