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One employed to protect and maintain game birds and other game animals, especially on an estate or game preserve.


a person employed to take care of game and wildlife, as on an estate
ˈgameˌkeeping n


(ˈgeɪmˌki pər)

a person employed, as on an estate or game preserve, to prevent poaching and provide for the conservation of game.
game′keep`ing, n.
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Noun1.gamekeeper - a person employed to take care of game and wildlifegamekeeper - a person employed to take care of game and wildlife
custodian, keeper, steward - one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
warrener - maintains a rabbit warren
خَفير الصَّيْد
avlak bekçisi


[ˈgeɪmˌkiːpəʳ] Nguardabosques mf inv, guardabosque mf


[ˈgeɪmkiːpər] ngarde-chasse m


[ˈgeɪmˌkiːpəʳ] nguardacaccia m inv


(geim) noun
1. an enjoyable activity, which eg children play. a game of pretending.
2. a competitive form of activity, with rules. Football, tennis and chess are games.
3. a match or part of a match. a game of tennis; winning (by) three games to one.
4. (the flesh of) certain birds and animals which are killed for sport. He's very fond of game; (also adjective) a game bird.
brave; willing; ready. a game old guy; game for anything.
ˈgamely adverb
games noun plural
an athletic competition, sometimes with other sports. the Olympic Games.
ˈgamekeeper noun
a person who looks after game.
game point
a winning point.
game reserve
an area of land set aside for the protection of animals.
game warden
a person who looks after a game reserve or, in the United States, game.
the game is up
the plan or trick has failed or has been found out.
References in classic literature ?
The doctor had to go to London for a physician to take charge of his practice; the squire was hard at work at Bristol; and I lived on at the hall under the charge of old Redruth, the gamekeeper, almost a prisoner, but full of sea-dreams and the most charming anticipations of strange islands and adventures.
de Laffemas, chief gamekeeper of France; then, at length, invested with the entire confidence of the cardinal--a confidence which he had so well earned-he received the singular commission for the execution of which he presented himself in the queen's apartments.
For the brickmaker had been a notorious poacher, and was suspected, though there was no good evidence against him, of being the man who had shot a neighbouring gamekeeper in the leg.
Bertram, first in a letter to the gamekeeper and then in a letter to Edmund; and by the end of August he arrived himself, to be gay, agreeable, and gallant again as occasion served, or Miss Crawford demanded; to tell of races and Weymouth, and parties and friends, to which she might have listened six weeks before with some interest, and altogether to give her the fullest conviction, by the power of actual comparison, of her preferring his younger brother.
To begin with, the mistake is flattering, but I am not a gamekeeper.
Take care of it,' said he, 'and don't let it go near the rabbit-warren, for the gamekeeper swears he'll shoot it if he sees it there again: he would have done so to-day, if I had not been in time to stop him.
The roulette-ball was not even spinning, and the gamekeeper stood by the roaring, red-hot stove, talking with the young, dark-eyed woman, comely of face and figure, who was known from Juneau to Fort Yukon as the Virgin.
If they did get the dog of a strange poacher, no gamekeeper or constable could identify 'm by the dog-- mum was the word.
To-day is the first of September; but my uncle has ordered the gamekeeper to spare the partridges till the gentlemen come.
A word or two concerning a squire, and more relating to a gamekeeper and a schoolmaster.
At that moment I was spoken to by my gamekeeper, who detained me a moment, to ask me to accompany him on an urgent tour of inspection in a part of the woods which I had decided to thin.
White Mason was a quiet, comfortable-looking person in a loose tweed suit, with a clean-shaved, ruddy face, a stoutish body, and powerful bandy legs adorned with gaiters, looking like a small farmer, a retired gamekeeper, or anything upon earth except a very favourable specimen of the provincial criminal officer.