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One employed to protect and maintain game birds and other game animals, especially on an estate or game preserve.


a person employed to take care of game and wildlife, as on an estate
ˈgameˌkeeping n


(ˈgeɪmˌki pər)

a person employed, as on an estate or game preserve, to prevent poaching and provide for the conservation of game.
game′keep`ing, n.
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Noun1.gamekeeper - a person employed to take care of game and wildlifegamekeeper - a person employed to take care of game and wildlife
custodian, keeper, steward - one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
warrener - maintains a rabbit warren
خَفير الصَّيْد
avlak bekçisi


[ˈgeɪmˌkiːpəʳ] Nguardabosques mf inv, guardabosque mf


[ˈgeɪmkiːpər] ngarde-chasse m


[ˈgeɪmˌkiːpəʳ] nguardacaccia m inv


(geim) noun
1. an enjoyable activity, which eg children play. a game of pretending.
2. a competitive form of activity, with rules. Football, tennis and chess are games.
3. a match or part of a match. a game of tennis; winning (by) three games to one.
4. (the flesh of) certain birds and animals which are killed for sport. He's very fond of game; (also adjective) a game bird.
brave; willing; ready. a game old guy; game for anything.
ˈgamely adverb
games noun plural
an athletic competition, sometimes with other sports. the Olympic Games.
ˈgamekeeper noun
a person who looks after game.
game point
a winning point.
game reserve
an area of land set aside for the protection of animals.
game warden
a person who looks after a game reserve or, in the United States, game.
the game is up
the plan or trick has failed or has been found out.
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NSC offers apprenticeships in 19 different sectors, such as; Business Administration, Health and Social Care, Building Maintenance Operations, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Equine and Gamekeeping.
ASTUDENT from Newton Rigg College in Penrith has won a major trophy for his gamekeeping skills, along with a fellow student from Askham Bryan College.
Each year Dave Pooler and his gamekeeping team at the Rhug estate, Corwen, will trap and shoot an average of 800 carrion crows.
I have got two gamekeeping students here on work experience, helping me out with gamebird rearing.
If they conclude that what is said to have happened is relevant and has damaged the reputation or profession of gamekeeping then the committee has the power to suspend or expel.
Subject areas include: Activity Tourism, Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Animal & Biological Science, Animal Care, Business, Countryside Management, Environment & Sustainability, Horse Care and Forgework, Forestry, Gamekeeping, Garden Design, Golf, Green Technology, Horticulture, Hospitality, Poultry, Sport and Outdoor Pursuits, and Veterinary Nursing.
Glynn Evans is head of gamekeeping for the Wrexham-based British Association for Shooting and Conservation.
It offers courses in animal management, equine, horticulture, countryside and environment and from the next academic year in gamekeeping.
Gamekeeping, auctioneering and garden design are just three of the opportunities featured from the spheres of food, farming, agricultural and horticultural machinery, wildlife and the countryside.
To discover the latest gamekeeping trends, visit the NGO "gamekeepers' village" at the CLA Game Fair, Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, on July 20-22.
Staff at North Highland College at Thurso, where Calum was a gamekeeping student, plan to speak to his family about a possible memorial to him.