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 (gă-mēn′, găm′ēn)
1. An often homeless girl who roams about the streets; an urchin.
2. A petite, charming girl or woman, especially one with a playful demeanor.

[French, feminine of gamin, gamin.]

ga·mine′ adj.


(ˈɡæmiːn; French ɡamin)
a. a slim and boyish girl or young woman; an elfish tomboy
b. (as modifier): a gamine style of haircut.


(ˈgæm in, -ɪn, gæˈmin)

1. a neglected girl left to run about the streets.
2. a diminutive girl, esp. one who is pert.
3. of or like a gamine.
[1895–1900; < French; feminine of gamin]
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Noun1.gamine - a homeless girl who roams the streets
guttersnipe, street urchin - a child who spends most of his time in the streets especially in slum areas
2.gamine - a girl of impish appeal
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman - a young woman; "a young lady of 18"


A. N muchacha delgada y con aspecto de chico
B. CPD gamine haircut Ncorte m a la garçon


adj (= boyish) → de garçonne
n (= woman) → garçonne f


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THOSE inviting, dark eyes that hold you fixed, that pencil-slim physique, the crop for which the word gamine could have been invented, it is little wonder that some 22 years after her death, Audrey Hepburn, continues to top "most beautiful" lists.
The queen of gamine charm, no one has come close to rivaling her ability to look completely feminine in tomboy staples.
With her short gamine crop, pregnant Frankie, 26, looks great in this white shirt and blazer, and the skinny jeans and heels give her look a feminine twist.
Crafted keeping the gamine Parisian in mind, the ensembles included kurtas, anarkalis , lehengas , dresses, salwar trousers, and cigarette pants and skirts, complimented by golden rosettes embroidered on tulle, organza, silk and lace.
He said: "Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon to many women of her day - she redefined glamour with elfin features and a gamine look, a contrast to the usual curvaceous Hollywood look.
Le premier cliche montre une gamine enjouee respirant la vie.
Everett WA CAMT Nic Gamine, The Dolben Merrimac MA CAMT Company Yudlel Castaneda, RAM Really Miramar FL CAMT Service Hector Cepeda, National Medford MA CAMT Development Mike Chandler, Knoxville Knoxville TN CAMT Comm.
As if in answer, there follows footage of a gamine young woman on a walk around the city.
The thing about little Mulligan is she's physically very gamine, she's got this beautiful innocence in her face, but there is a bit of a wild streak in her - a bit of Zelda, a bit of the zany.
Hathaway, who received much attention for shaving her head for the film, admitted during the "Les Miserables" premiere in London that her new gamine 'do has definitely altered her style.
The gamine Hollywood star was famous for her no-nonsense approach.
With dramatic eyebrows, doe eyes, full hair and blunt fringe, her awkward, gamine beauty captivated the masses.