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n. gangliectomía, ganglionectomía, excisión de un ganglio.
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Possible surgical therapies for managing complex pain Lesional procedures Neuromodulation Other * Dorsal root entry zone * Spinal cord * Intrathecal lesioning stimulation medical therapy * Peripheral nerve * Microvascular stimulation decompression * Dorsal rhizotomy * Dorsal root ganglionectomy * Motor cortex stimulation * Rhizolysis of nerve ganglion * Cranial nerve stimulation * Neurectomy * Deep brain stimulation * Stereotactic radiosurgery * Percutaneous radiofrequency gangliolysis * Mechanical balloon gangliolysis * Image-guided tractotomy and nucleotomy * Cordotomy * Midline myelotomy
Patients in whom drug treatment is not successful then surgical stellate ganglionectomy can be done as an imbalance between the right and left side of sympathetic nervous system plays a role in the etiology of this syndrome.
Effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy on the ultrastructure of pinealocytes in the Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus): Quantitative study.
Total thoracic and partial to total lumbar sympathectomy, splanchnicectomy and celiac ganglionectomy for hypertension.
They have tried to promote a greater dilation of cerebral vessels and consequent increase in blood flow through sympathetic denervation of the carotid system through the superior cervical perivascular ganglionectomy and superior cervical sympathectomy.
The role of the ganglionectomy in treatment of the obliterating diseases of the limb vessels," Angiology and Vascular Surgery, Vol.
Postsynaptic activation in median eminence nerve endings shortly after superior cervical ganglionectomy was accompanied by a decrease in TSH release.