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Some took him to the office and then to the ship, where he will not go aboard but halt at shore end of gangplank, and ask that the captain come to him.
He was in no friendly mood, when just at full tide, the thin man came up the gangplank again and asked to see where his box had been stowed.
He suddenly raised his eyes, but while she was preparing to rush up to him, they withdrew the gangplank.
In fact, an hour earlier, as the Makambo's anchor was heaving out and while Captain Kellar was descending the port gangplank, Michael was coming on board through a starboard port-hole.
Each month during 2008 the company plans to entice a cornucopia of new and established cabaret acts from home and abroad up the gangplank.
A disco ferry was evacuated after a gangplank collapsed.
THE family of a trawlerman who drowned at a Welsh harbour have said he might still be alive if a gangplank had been available.
He claimed: 'When I got to the gangplank I was told I couldn't buy a ticket on board.
Nell turned a few heads as she treaded the gangplank and raised more smiles as she handed over the cheque for pounds 17,965, which will go to fund leisure projects for the crew.
THE flagship Queen Mary 2's maiden voyage is likely to go ahead despite the gangplank collapse which left 16 people dead, it emerged last night.
Ratings Neil Talbot, 21, and Kevin Gregory, 19, were allowed to be first down the gangplank, ahead of the 300-strong crew, as HMS Ocean docked in Plymouth yesterday.
Mobutu, who is suffering from advanced cancer and is unable to stand up unassisted, arrived at Congo's Pointe-Noire port Friday morning but refused to walk up a steep 31-step gangplank to the ship, sending diplomats and his hosts scurrying to devise other solutions.