gangster's moll

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Noun1.gangster's moll - the girlfriend of a gangstergangster's moll - the girlfriend of a gangster  
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
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This was my first time watching the stage version of the 1990s classic movie starring Whoopi Goldberg as a gangster's moll who enters witness protection at a run-down convent, and I was really looking forward to it.
I did not find the chapulines grasshopper shavings doing anything special to the guacamole, but what I call the Mexican aam papad ( dried and sweetened cactus fruit, or xoconostle) turned the guacamole into a gangster's moll.
Does that mean anyone dressing up as a gangster or gangster's moll at a fancy dress party is 'glamorising crime'?
GANGSTER'S moll Elaine Doherty has narrowly avoided prison after allowing her home to be used to deal drugs to almost 700 people.
GANGSTER'S moll April Collins dressed up as the long arm of the law for Halloween after being banned from the road for 12 years.
Remember the gripping stories of the "downfall of a golden girl, sex web, shackles and shame, gangster's moll, Bonnie and Clyde--like story, heartache of a fallen girl, the soul of a robber child, burning passion and devotion to a dominant lover and bad kids" "The Angel With Burnt Wings" is a story of a downfall and victory that each of us should read.
And the glamorous gangster's moll - who appeared in a Record dieting feature in 1998 - was also called as a prosecution witness.
She was a madam in a brothel and a gangster's moll, but now her protection is gone and her enemies are closing in.
Stuart Thompson, 13, from Durham, will play Dandy Dan while 11-year-old Hollie Coldwell from South Shields takes a dance role as Gangster's Moll.
I'm just mugging up how to help her do her hair and make up like a 1930s' gangster's moll when she announces she can do it better.
He cast a 14-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones in the role of gangster's moll Tallulah in the kid's movie set during Prohibition where mobsters shot each other with custard pies.