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1. A member of an organized group of criminals; a racketeer.
2. A member of a gang of delinquents.

gang′ster·dom n.
gang′ster·ism n.


the world of gangsters; gangland
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It would be irresponsible (and possibly illegal) for me to say not to get insurance, and I myself am way too chicken to exist without it, but if there is any other business that is as close to legal gangsterdom, I would be interested to know what it is.
38) This way of proceeding provides a tepid, mainstream endorsement of the thug-life gangsterdom affirmed in the uplift-legend of 50 Cent's well-remunerated journey from the streets, via the operating table, to the recording studio and, eventually, the boardroom.
Like the other chapters in the book, these are subdivided into several very short sections, each focused on a single idea and often bearing a fanciful title, such as "Fat Laces" and "The Beatles of Gangsterdom.
On 8 July 2003, the Wall Street Journal carried a front-page article identifying some dozen phrases from Dylan's much-praised album of 2001, "Love and Theft", as being lifted from the English translation, published in 1991, of Confessions of a Yakuza, a chronicle of Japanese gangsterdom from 1989 by the writer Junichi Saga (Eig and Moffett 2003).
Michael Mann ambitiously tries to forge the historical, iconographic and cultural aspects of American gangsterdom in "Public Enemies," with results more admirable than electrifying.