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1. a person or thing that gapes
2. (Animals) any of various large marine bivalve molluscs of the genera Mya and Lutraria that burrow in muddy sand. M. arenaria is the American soft-shelled clam and the two species of Lutraria are the otter shells. The valves have a permanent gap at the hind end


(ˈgeɪ pər)

1. a person or thing that gapes.
2. a large clam, Tresus capax, common on gravelly beaches.
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So, bolstered by this mark of Government homage, the wonderful Bank and all the other wonderful undertakings went on and went up; and gapers came to Harley Street, Cavendish Square, only to look at the house where the golden wonder lived.
And when they saw the Chief Butler looking out at the hall-door in his moments of condescension, the gapers said how rich he looked, and wondered how much money he had in the wonderful Bank.
Germain; he stopped them to offer his compliments upon their appointments, which in an instant drew round them a hundred gapers.
It is true that nothing was ever less curious on the score of architecture than the worthy gapers of the Middle Ages, and that they cared very little for the beauty of a pillory.
This study was aimed to determine the age and the growth parameters of the nakedband gaper Champsodon nudivittis (Ogilby, 1895).
It will focus on clam species that are popular with recreational clammers such as purple varnish, soft shell, cockle and gaper clams.
It is considered a buffer zone pat allows time to gaper more clinical information about each volunteer to maximize pe recruiting effort for upcoming studies.
Wastebasket gaper, shadow of doorway" ("Poem for a Birthday").
The first record of gapers in the Mediterranean is constituted by two specimens of the Indo-Pacific gaper Champsodon vorax Gunther, recorded from Lebanon and a single specimen of the nakedband gaper Champsodon nudivittis (Ogilby) from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey (Cicek & Bilecenoglu 2009; Bariche 2010a).
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his wife Emine Erdogan, Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay, Turkish State Minister Mehmet Saglam, Istanbul Governor HE-seyin Avni Mutlu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir TopbaE-, Zaman Daily news Gaper General Manager Ekrem Dumanli, Haber Turk Newspaper Editor in Chief Fatih Altayli, Aksam Newspaper Editor in Chief Ismail Kucukkaya and many people from business and art world were also attended the meeting.
They're called "gapers," and there's even a way to label your own group's gaper with a printed certificate.
As did Ambrose with the bat, and he will never forget the gaper he dropped at the start of the match.