garbage disposal

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Noun1.garbage disposal - a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage
kitchen appliance - a home appliance used in preparing food
konyhai hulladékdarálókonyhamalac
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Local government officials have received flak for the perennial problems of water pollution, lack of garbage disposal and violations in building regulations that prohibit construction within 30 meters from the shoreline.
Since cleaning up the city is a difficult task, the city mayor urged every Manileno to segregate their wet and dry waste in their homes so that garbage disposal could be done in a correct way.
The mayor said the planned project "seeks to minimize the cost of garbage disposal, and has determined that the Hermosa Sanitary Landfill Facility, is the nearest, most viable and cost-efficient waste disposal facility to cater to the non-hazardous municipal solid waste disposal concerns of Samal.
Inquiries with the Alibag administration and locals have confirmed that there is no official garbage disposal policy or site in Alibag, she told Gulf News.
A The garbage disposal does not have trouble with the grounds themselves; it's what happens after they leave the disposal.
difficulties that the city administration is facing regarding garbage disposal.
Companies that submitted garbage collection proposals, which are separate from the garbage disposal proposals, will be identified at the meeting but they will not make presentations.
I mounted the garbage disposal in a wooden stand, using the same technique I would have used if installing it in a sink.
The fee will be paid through purchases of garbage disposal bags or stickers which will be put on common garbage disposal bags.
of garbage disposal and sanitation in Yerevan starting from 1 April 2014.
New York, April 19 ( ANI ): A Californian man, who has filed a case against his estranged wife for severing his penis and putting it in a garbage disposal, has revealed that it was as though his life ended the evening of the attack.
Using a garbage disposal for all food waste is more environmentally friendly than sending it to a landfill.