garbage pickup

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Noun1.garbage pickup - the collection and removal of garbagegarbage pickup - the collection and removal of garbage
pickup - the act or process of picking up or collecting from various places; "garbage pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays"
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Garbage pickup resumed Thursday in Beirut and Mount Lebanon after Sukleen had suspended trash collection on account of a two-day employee strike.
The lack of reliable basic services in the country, including water, electricity, and garbage pickup, has a long history that was exacerbated by the civil war, the subsequent political settlements, and periodic Israeli military strikes.
25 for weekly garbage pickup, and a limited number of large items such as old mattresses are carted off at no charge.
Garbage pickup, snow removal, water service, and police and fire department responses have improved in the last 18 months, but may still be less reliable than what you'd expect elsewhere.
Tenders are invited for Garbage Pickup Bag Of Size,- 30 Inches X 40 Inches Made Of Virgin Plastic Bag Of Thickness 20 To 30 Microns Victor Or Black Diamond Or Reputed Brand.
There is no waste and nothing to add to your garbage pickup.
Battir, with its 6,000 residents is in Area B of the West Bank, meaning that Palestinians provide municipal services such as garbage pickup, but Israel is responsible for security.
Fifteen female inmates are currently eligible for work release, but Mosley plans to start out with a team of four assisting in roadside garbage pickup, and then gradually expand the program.
The huge battle over libraries, goofy waterfront development schemes, police and fire department layoffs, an antigay undertone and private garbage pickup is more than people bargained for in Toronto.
Grace and Lilly started the project by collecting data on how many families already used the recycling service that was included in their garbage pickup.
For garbage pickup, for example, it has subcontracting partnerships with vendors such as Alpine Waste & Recycling.
The city provides electricity, water, restrooms and garbage pickup, things a restaurant normally has to pay for itself.