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n. pl. gar·ban·zos

[Spanish, from Old Spanish garbanço, perhaps alteration (perhaps influenced by Old Spanish garroba, carob) of Old Spanish arvanço (compare Portuguese ervanço, chickpea), perhaps from Gothic *arwaits; akin to Dutch erwt and Old High German araweiz, pea, both from Proto-Germanic *arwait-*arwīt-, pea, pulse, probably from the same European substrate source as Greek erebinthos, chickpea, and Greek orobos and Latin ervum, bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia), a vetch once widely cultivated in the Mediterranean region as a pulse and as fodder for livestock.]


The Spanish and Mexican term for chickpeas.
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For example, adding cooked black beans or garbanzos, chopped celery, and corn makes a delicious salsa, side dish, or a great sauce for cooked grains or potatoes.
Paired with the garbanzos and a lemony garlic dressing, they make a delightful side salad that I know I'll return to again.
The spring and summer of 2010 was not a bean-growing year in the Willamette Valley, so we got very poor yields," says Tom Hunton, who grew garbanzos, black turtle beans, pintos and orcas this year.
Since pinto beans, garbanzos, navy beans, lentils, and other non-soy legumes are consumed far more commonly than soy in Western countries, it was time to sift through the medical literature and identify the small but well-conducted randomized, controlled trials of non-soy legume dietary interventions in order to conduct a meta-analysis, explained Dr.
So cook up some cannellinis with sauteed spinach and garlic, toss some kidneys into that vegetarian chili, sprinkle some garbanzos on your salad, or put up a pot of black bean soup.
Now, USDA-ARS scientists have developed nutritious snacks from garbanzos, lentils, dry peas and beans.
95) of mixed potatoes, garbanzos, tomato and flour chips, and sag aloo ($6.
As good as the garbanzos were, the intensity of their sauce's spice merited a resting (or heavy breathing) period between bites.
From Oat-Bran Muffins to Gorgeous Garbanzos, health-conscious celebrities are coming up with their own nutritious dishes.
If you are looking for protein, try the Arroz Hispaniola Caribbean Red Beans & Brown Rice or the Dharamsala Aromatic Indian Rice Blend, enhanced with mung beans, lentils, garbanzos, and spices.
An innovative Northwest farmer is hoping that his new product, Garden Green Garbanzos, are a big hit.