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n. pl. gar·ban·zos

[Spanish, from Old Spanish garbanço, perhaps alteration (perhaps influenced by Old Spanish garroba, carob) of Old Spanish arvanço (compare Portuguese ervanço, chickpea), perhaps from Gothic *arwaits; akin to Dutch erwt and Old High German araweiz, pea, both from Proto-Germanic *arwait-*arwīt-, pea, pulse, probably from the same European substrate source as Greek erebinthos, chickpea, and Greek orobos and Latin ervum, bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia), a vetch once widely cultivated in the Mediterranean region as a pulse and as fodder for livestock.]


The Spanish and Mexican term for chickpeas.
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Stick to the special and savor cubes of candied camote, monggo, ube haleya, leche flan and sweetened garbanzos.
Neat markets a natural, gluten and soy-free, shelf-stable healthy alternative protein product, made with pecans, garbanzos, and other neat ingredients.
Aunque parezca increible asi es, existe un alimento en polvo que al agregarle agua adquiere la consistencia y el sabor del huevo, solo que no proviene de una gallina comun y corriente, pues esta elaborado con garbanzos, habas, proteina de suero de leche y albumina, soya, fibra de papa y de arroz.
For example, adding cooked black beans or garbanzos, chopped celery, and corn makes a delicious salsa, side dish, or a great sauce for cooked grains or potatoes.
Paired with the garbanzos and a lemony garlic dressing, they make a delightful side salad that I know I'll return to again.
Mi querido y buen amigo: espero que a la fecha estaran ya en su poder los garbanzos que tuve el gusto de enviarles y que habran resultado del agrado de ustedes.
An innovative Northwest farmer is hoping that his new product, Garden Green Garbanzos, are a big hit.
So cook up some cannellinis with sauteed spinach and garlic, toss some kidneys into that vegetarian chili, sprinkle some garbanzos on your salad, or put up a pot of black bean soup.
Now, USDA-ARS scientists have developed nutritious snacks from garbanzos, lentils, dry peas and beans.
garbanzos, drained and rinsed 1 tablespoon chopped parsley
95) of mixed potatoes, garbanzos, tomato and flour chips, and sag aloo ($6.