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The study of a society or culture by examining or analyzing its refuse.

gar·bol′o·gist n.


(Sociology) the study of the contents of domestic dustbins to analyse the consumption patterns of households
[C20: from garb(age) + ology]
garˈbologist n
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Noun1.garbology - the study of a society by analyzing its garbage
cultural anthropology, social anthropology - the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society
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He affectionately portrays various subjects, from the garbologist A.
I'm told while he was in Beirut a girl asked him what he did back in England he told her he was a garbologist.
In her defense, if the average reader were to dive into the book like a garbologist would into waste, they might discover more about her than may be revealed in a formal biography.