garden trowel

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trowel - a small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade; used for scooping or spreading plaster or similar materials
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And then, right on cue, a white chocolate and peanut butter mousse turned up in a garden trowel.
Printed garden trowel, PS8, M&S Garden tools don't have to be plain and dull.
WHAT YOU NEED: A garden trowel, an empty baked bean tin with one end removed and filed down to remove sharp edges, four stones or marbles, a tile or slate WHAT TO DO 1 DIG a small hole the size of the empty tin so it fits snugly inside without gaps around the edge and is level with the soil around it.
Products include gripping and jersey garden gloves, a watering can, garden bucket, plant markers, and a garden trowel, pitchfork and cultivator.
Remove all twigs and leaves by hand or with a garden trowel and for stubborn leaves, pour on water and scrape off.
We've previously reported about the wonderful NRG (natural radius grip) garden trowel, and we still dig it.
They're easy to dish out with your fingers, a garden trowel, or potato rake.
For this, Anish Kapoor devised a table lamp, Tony Cragg a garden trowel and fork, and Antony Gormley a coat peg.
He had used the garden trowel to dig up small mounds of dirt near the wall.
How about a year of digging graves with a garden trowel, or running a bicycle-operated generator to power the lights on a vandalized bike path?
The 34-year-old, who is understood to suffer from cerebral palsy, dug the shallow grave with a simple garden trowel and left just a small rock to mark the sad site.