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Common; unremarkable: situation comedies and other garden-variety television fare.




common, usual, or ordinary; unexceptional.
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These aren't your garden-variety extremists, but a mix of people of different ages and origins, which makes this sure-to-be-controversial treatment all the more provocative.
The data on the map is based on the number of registered criminal offenders (such as child predators, sex offenders, kidnappers and garden-variety violent criminals) as a percentage of the population in about 10,000 zip codes across the country.
Garden-variety roses just got an electrical upgrade.
The official further said that he believed whistleblowers revealed things that were illegal and Snowden is nothing more than a garden-variety criminal, news.
Tectonic geomorphologist Burbank and garden-variety geomorphologist Anderson update their 2001 study of changes in the landscape associated with movement at the boundaries between tectonic plates.
Armchair political analysts and garden-variety cynics are fond of peddling the idea that, when it comes to Lebanon's state and its government, "nothing
Superbimatrices differ from simple garden-variety bimatrices, they explain, by having more than one type of product defined on them.
Garden-variety flu, which kills an average of 36,000 Americans annually, remains the greater threat, particularly for older Americans with some immunity to swine flu.
This new volume, combines the new-gun guide familiar from Gun Digest with a listing of Used gun values that is well short of what you might see in Blue Book of Gun Values or Standard Catalog of Firearms, but that covers most of the commercial guns you might expect to encounter at a garden-variety gun show.
The garden-variety caterpillar has 248 muscles in its head.
He helped defuse a jail riot, identified four Mexican teens who had used tourist river rafters as shooting targets, arrested a version of the BTK killer, and brought to justice hundreds of garden-variety criminals.
It reads like a familiar liberal version of the 95 Theses; but Carter is hardly a garden-variety liberal; and that gives his sermons some real credibility.