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n. Archaic
a. A chamber for storing clothes; a wardrobe.
b. The contents of a wardrobe.
2. A private chamber.
3. A latrine built into the exterior wall of a castle or other medieval building.

[Middle English, from Old French : garder, to keep; see guard + robe, robe; see robe.]


1. (Furniture) a wardrobe or the contents of a wardrobe
2. a bedroom or private room
3. a privy
[C14: from French, from garder to keep + robe dress, clothing; see wardrobe]



1. a wardrobe or its contents.
2. a private room, as a bedroom.
3. (in medieval buildings) a latrine or privy.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French: literally, (it) keeps clothing]
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One is in a ceiling and another is inside an old toilet, known as a garderobe.
Hadiza Aboubacar, marketing manager of Garderobe, told Gulf News: "We have an in-house team and a partner that authenticates all the items we received, based on specific guidelines.
McDonald, who voiced Madame Garderobe in the new Disney film, told (http://people.
Apart from a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom, it also has a small room off that is used as an office and the Tudor garderobe (toilet).
23) hut (Fr: hutte), cabin (Fr: cabane 'temporary shelter'), chevet (Fr: chevet 'pillow'), counterfort (Fr: contrefort), toilet (Fr: toilette), sash (Fr: chassis), merlon (Fr: merlon), latrine (Fr: latrine), barbican (Fr: barbicane), redoubt (Fr: redoute), garderobe (Fr: garder 'keep' + robe 'robe'), emplacement (Fr: emplacement), caponier (Fr: caponniere), rampart (Fr: rempart), embrasure (Fr: embrasure), meurtriere (Fr: meurtriere 'murderess'), oubliette (Fr: oublier 'forget')
Two staircases lead up to the five bedrooms - one with a rare medieval garderobe and all being served by the family bathroom.
middle-aged garderobe who took our coats reminded me a bit of kindly
Another interesting discovery at the site was a 14th century toilet known as a garderobe which head archaeologist Coilin O Drisceoil described as "quite a rare discovery".
According to archaeologist Coilin O Drisceoil, who led the team, "The garderobe was the medieval equivalent of a luxury jacks" and the significance of the "quite rare discovery" was that "it provides an important insight into how a medieval abbot lived".
Students enter through the front door and hang their coats on hooks in the garderobe, a large barred and gated area near the door that is locked during the school day.
Im ubrigen ist seine Garderobe ein Konglomerat von abgelegten Kleidungsstucken kunstpflegender Burger oder hilfsbereiter Freunde und ein paar selbsterstandenen Einzelobjekten, die ein Bedurfnis nach extravaganter Eleganz erkennen lassen.