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 (gâr′ĭsh, găr′-)
Overly bright or ornamented, especially in a vulgar or tasteless way; gaudy.

[Origin unknown.]

gar′ish·ly adv.
gar′ish·ness n.
Synonyms: garish, flashy, gaudy1, loud, tawdry
These adjectives mean tastelessly showy: garish colors; a flashy ring; a gaudy costume; a loud sport shirt; tawdry ornaments.
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Noun1.garishness - tasteless showinessgarishness - tasteless showiness      
tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste
2.garishness - strident color or excessive ornamentation
ugliness - qualities of appearance that do not give pleasure to the senses
e-î sem er glannalegt/yfirgengilegt
cafcaflı olmasüslülük


[ˈgɛərɪʃnɪs] N [of clothes, décor] → chabacanería f, ordinariez f, lo charro (LAm) ; [of colours, light] → estridencia f


n (pej)grelle or schreiende Farben pl; (of colours, illuminations)Grellheit f


[ˈgɛərɪʃnɪs] nvistosità


(ˈgeəriʃ) adjective
unpleasantly bright or showy. His shirts are very garish.
ˈgarishly adverb
ˈgarishness noun
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Then there's the kind where the badness expands and metastasizes, taking on a jaw-dropping life of its own, pushing through to ever-higher levels of garishness," writes Owen Gleiberman of (http://variety.
The hill men were delighted, not because the blankets represented protection against the elements, but because of their garishness, and our seventy good dollars, we soon found out, had gone to ornament our black boys and not to keep them warm.
He added: "The best term to describe the crown is as a piece of kitsch, usefully defined as 'something considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality'.
We have neon and general garishness, annoyingly chipper cruise directors and staff who are only on the ship because no one else will hire them.
Get him started by, say, mentioning the proliferation of cookie-cutter row housing built in the "Mediterranean" or "California" styles by some megadeveloper; and brace yourself for hours of rant as to why the theme-park garishness of these foreign architectural styles was totally unsuited to our climate, our lifestyles, our culture-a horrible blight on the otherwise beautiful landscape of our beloved motherland.
Its garishness simply makes the dramatic proportions and reflective facade that are the hallmarks of the new typology harder to swallow.
Australia's pop superstar again managed to pull off elegance and over-the-top garishness at the same time through her her set designs and her choice of outfits - designed by Marchesa and Jean Paul Gaultier.
Print scholarship is an extreme case because the field emerged as a neoclassical discipline, and the perceived garishness of colour was anathema to neoclassical tastes.
The statue of Christ the Redeemer with open arms, originally a symbol of peace, was erected on the seven-floor hotel in the center of the city, while owned by Bulgarian rapper and pimp Ivan Glavchev aka Vanko 1, in line with the lavish kitsch and garishness of the nouveau riche lifestyle.
A closer look proved me wrong though; it was leading up to 14 February and gift shops had started to display their annual, veritable feast of garishness of pink and red hearts, teddy bears clutching hearts in their paws, heart-shaped chairs and anything that professed profound love.
Though all the performances are very good, much of "Look's" entertainment value comes from an impressive tech package that captures the shifting fashions of swinger-favored pop-culture garishness over the pic's roughly 25-year period.