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Something that garnishes; an embellishment.

[French, from Old French, from garnir, to garnish; see garnish.]


(Art Terms) decoration or embellishment
[C16: from French, from garnir to garnish]


(ˈgɑr nɪ tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər)

something that garnishes; decoration.
[1525–35; < French, = Middle French garni(r) to garnish + -ture n. suffix]


 the furniture or appurtenances of a table; a kitchen or its apparatus; the harness of a horse or mule.
Examples: garniture of a boiler, 1878; of the kitchen, 1532; of mules, 1670; of sapphires, 1753; of vases—BBC-TV programme, 1983; of violets, 1897.
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He hurried along the terrace-walk, and darted up a flight of broad steps leading into an old and gloomy hall, whose walls were ornamented with rusty suits of armour, antlers, weapons of the chase, and suchlike garniture.
While they were thus employed, a tallish gentleman with a hook nose and black hair, dressed in a military surtout very short and tight in the sleeves, and which had once been frogged and braided all over, but was now sadly shorn of its garniture and quite threadbare-- dressed too in ancient grey pantaloons fitting tight to the leg, and a pair of pumps in the winter of their existence--looked in at the door and smiled affably.
Just go and have a look at that garniture de cheminee yonder.
Bagnet, assisted by the younger branches (who polish their own cups and platters, knives and forks), makes all the dinner garniture shine as brightly as before and puts it all away, first sweeping the hearth, to the end that Mr.
A little gurgling sound ascended to the young man's window, and made him feel as if the fountain were an immortal spirit that sung its song unceasingly and without heeding the vicissitudes around it, while one century imbodied it in marble and another scattered the perishable garniture on the soil.
s prisAaAaAeA@, le casse-croute se vend entre 100 DA et DA, selon la garniture.
To give an example, at one of Oppenheim's famous dinner parties, Kaiser Wilhelm II's son Oskar and other members of his entourage playfully started throwing chicken pieces at each other, only to be presented with Oppenheim's ornamental washing garniture afterwards to clean themselves (Abenteuer Orient 31).
Let every lover of genuine morality tear away the garniture which is thrown around vice, and by which it is emboldened to walk abroad into society [and thus] carry us further and further from the paths of purity .
And there by lucky hap had been preserved A straggling volume, torn and incomplete, That left half-told the preternatural tale, Romance of Giants, chronicle of Fiends Profuse in garniture of wooden cuts Strange and uncouth; dire faces, figures dire, Sharp-knee'd, sharp-elbowed, and lean-ankled too, With long and ghostly shanks--forms which once seen Could never be forgotten
I definitely wanted some added texture here, and thought of the old 90s garniture of shredded, deep-fried leeks, which then got me thinking about bhajis.
On 16 March, Sotheby's New York offers a complete imperial five-piece altar garniture in gilt-bronze and cloisonne enamels ($300,000-$500,000).
La fosse remonte au dixieme siecle de l'age des Vikings et les objets funeraires places dans le bateau comprennent une hache de fer, une peau de vache dans laquelle le corps etait enveloppe et des restes d'oreiller constitues d'une garniture de plumes et d'une etoffe en laine.