garrison house

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gar′rison house`

1. a style of early New England house in which the second floor projects beyond the first.
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Just hours after reporting the disappearance to Ballard, resident thugs—Theo and Nate—break into the Garrison house in the middle of the night.
Lot 2 - rent (operating lease) of equipment for the overlay network and the ~Out of Band Management, with relative maintenance; the acquisition of system integration services for the construction and specialized assistance for the garrison house for exercise.
She was a contributor to Exeter, New Hampshire, 1888-1988, by Nancy Merrill and helped to edit Bob's book about Exeter's Garrison House, The Old Logg House by the Bridge.
The MOTSU Commander's quarters had been the Garrison House overlooking the Cape Fear River and one of the oldest buildings in historic Southport.
Garrison House in Millport is being retained by the family's estate.
and The Intervale, the site of the Mary Rowlandson garrison house, on Main Street.
Dorothy was active in her communities as a Girl Scout leader for many years as well as a member of the Garrison House in Chelmsford and active in East Hartland working as an assistant town clerk, working at the voting polls and volunteering at the school.
Ground was broken for a garrison house, which will be used for filming the movie, `The Captive.
The making of the film involves building a reproduction of the circa 1652-garrison house, the site of the Indian attack on Lancaster, beside its original locale in a field off Main Street-Route 70, using parts of an authentic garrison house from Harvard.