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 (găr′ə-ləs, găr′yə-)
1. Given to excessive and often trivial or rambling talk; tiresomely talkative.
2. Wordy and rambling: a garrulous speech.

[From Latin garrulus, from garrīre, to chatter.]

gar′ru·lous·ly adv.
gar′ru·lous·ness n.
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Noun1.garrulousness - the quality of being wordy and talkative
communicativeness - the trait of being communicative
leresis - rambling talkativeness (especially in the aged)
det at have det i munden
málæîi, mælgi, kjaftæîi


[ˈgærʊləsnɪs] Ngarrulidad f


[ˈgærʊləsnɪs] nloquacità


(ˈgӕrələs) adjective
fond of talking. a garrulous old man.
ˈgarrulously adverb
garˈrulity (-ˈruː-) noun
ˈgarrulousness noun
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The height of the garrulousness is the presidential backing given to the charade by my president, Muhammadu Buhari.
The story of Ernest's declining health is painful to read about, and in his last years Mary served as a caretaker to a paranoid and alcoholic partner beset by garrulousness both in conversation and writing.
Newcastle is a great city, founded on the technological and engineering innovations of men such as George Stephenson and Lord Armstrong, and if at times it seems to hide its highest achievements beneath garrulousness and laughter, that's because nobody here is seeking veneration - they just want people to enjoy themselves as much as they do.
Craun rightly states that men were associated with "violent types of speech," such as blasphemy, while women were associated with "transgressive forms of garrulousness.
Other characters are much more engaging and multifaceted, like Eleanor's husband, Colin, a gourmet home cook who endures Lily's draining episodes with his nonstop provisioning of the home and camp larders; or Jim, whose garrulousness and optimism belie an arsenal of wilderness skills.
Abnormal obstinacy, stubbornness and garrulousness stirred up Washington's suspicions that its men in ME had started acts of blackmail, in addition to deteriorating enthusiasm to play their roles in US counter-terrorism operations.
information, whether garrulousness is more cunning than it seems?
If some of Simo's dones talk a blue streak when they are with friends, their garrulousness may well be motivated by the fact that the men in their lives do not listen to them, and if they seem overly concerned with appearances, that may well be because the importance of how they look and what other people think of them has been drummed into their heads.
Her collections of poetry include: A Superstitious Creature Adores Garrulousness, Cracked Wall, and Like the Blade of a Knife.
Where one encounters troves of verbal wealth on nearly any printed page selected from the Moody tomes, in e-mails all the garrulousness is gone, words to be read with emphasis are indicated in all caps, like so, as if that signal typographical gambit were the hallmark of some other prose smith's work.
Let us add, as an aside, that it is a violence of the sweet kind: even though we are "under the impression" of a facade--its beauty, garrulousness and excess--we give in to and gladly accept the violence it exerts.
And besides, you can't help but think she might have more mates to help out if she spent less time laying into total strangers for not measuring up to her high standards of glamour and garrulousness.