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a. An elasticized band worn around the leg to hold up a stocking or sock.
b. A suspender strap with a fastener attached to a girdle or belt to hold up a stocking or sock.
c. An elasticized band worn around the arm to keep the sleeve pushed up.
2. Garter
a. The badge of the Order of the Garter.
b. The order itself.
c. Membership in the order.
tr.v. gar·tered, gar·ter·ing, gar·ters
1. To fasten and hold with a garter.
2. To put a garter on.

[Middle English, band to support socks, from Old North French gartier, from garet, bend of the knee, probably of Celtic origin.]
dây nịt móc bít tất


حَمَّالَةُ البَنْطَلُون podvazky seler Strumpfhalter τιράντες liguero sukkanauhat porte-jarretelles halteri giarrettiere 靴下留め 멜빵 bretels bukseseler szelki suspensórios подвязки strumpeband สายดึงถุงเท้าหรือถุงน่อง jartiyer dây nịt móc bít tất 吊带
References in classic literature ?
But to a large and thorough sweeping comprehension of him, it behoves me now to unbutton him still further, and untagging the points of his hose, unbuckling his garters, and casting loose the hooks and the eyes of the joints of his innermost bones, set him before you in his ultimatum; that is to say, in his unconditional skeleton.
Every letter from her is read forty times over; her compliments to all friends go round and round again; and if she does but send her aunt the pattern of a stomacher, or knit a pair of garters for her grandmother, one hears of nothing else for a month.
I have seen corsets thus made beautiful by him valued at five hundred pounds, and he never paints a pair of garters for less than a hundred.
She brought me up to royalties, and people with stars and garters, and elderly ladies with gigantic tiaras and parrot noses.
But they did not leave off, and she threw them her girdle, and when this was no use, her garters, and then her dress.
The peasant folk, who are naturally malicious, and when they have nothing to do can be malice itself, remarked all this, and took note of his finery and jewellery, piece by piece, and discovered that he had three suits of different colours, with garters and stockings to match; but he made so many arrangements and combinations out of them, that if they had not counted them, anyone would have sworn that he had made a display of more than ten suits of clothes and twenty plumes.
He wore a vest of garnet-colored velvet, with buttons of cut gold; a silk waistcoat covered with embroidery; a Roman scarf tied round his neck; a cartridge-box worked with gold, and red and green silk; sky-blue velvet breeches, fastened above the knee with diamond buckles; garters of deerskin, worked with a thousand arabesques, and a hat whereon hung ribbons of all colors; two watches hung from his girdle, and a splendid poniard was in his belt.
But the most ordinary cause of a single life, is liberty, especially in certain self-pleasing and humorous minds, which are so sensible of every restraint, as they will go near to think their girdles and garters, to be bonds and shackles.
His remote impressions of the robes and coronets, the stars and garters, that sparkle through the surface-dust of Mr.
Upon his head he wore a purple velvet cap, and purple velvet was his robe, all trimmed about with rich ermine; his jerkin and hose were of sea-green silk, and his shoes of black velvet, the pointed toes fastened to his garters with golden chains.
Those on the hind feet he secured not only by tightening the draw strings but also rigged garters that fastened tightly around the legs above the hocks.
The patterns were very pretty, and the colours brilliant; the workmanship of the garters was so good that an English merchant at Buenos Ayres maintained they must have been manufactured in England, till he found the tassels had been fastened by split sinew.