gas chamber

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gas chamber

1. An enclosed space where a poisonous gas is emitted to kill the person inside, often as a form of execution.
2. A similar space used for the anesthetization or killing of an animal.

gas chamber


gas oven

an airtight room into which poison gas is introduced to kill people or animals

gas′ cham`ber

a room used for executing prisoners by poison gas.
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Noun1.gas chamber - instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introducedgas chamber - instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introduced; used to kill people or animals
instrument of execution - an instrument designed and used to take the life of a condemned person
غُرْفَة غاز
plynová komora
komora gazowa
plynová komora
gaz odası

gas chamber

ncamera a gas


(gӕs) noun
1. a substance like air. Oxygen is a gas.
2. any gas which is used for heating, cooking etc.
3. a gas which is used by dentists as an anaesthetic.
4. a poisonous or irritating gas used in war etc. The police used tear gas to control the riot.
verbpast tense, past participle gassed
to poison or kill (a person or animal) with gas. He was gassed during World War I.
gaseous (ˈgӕsiəs) adjective
of or like (a) gas. a gaseous substance.
ˈgassy adjective
full of gas. gassy lemonade.
ˈgassiness noun
gas chamber
a room in which people are killed by means of gas. Many people were sent to the gas chamber in World War II.
gas mask
something which is used to cover the face to prevent a person breathing poisonous gas.
gas meter
an instrument which measures the amount of gas which is used.
gasoline, gasolene (ˈgӕsəliːn) noun
(American. also gas) petrol.
gas station
(American) a petrol station.
ˈgasworks noun singular
a place where gas is made. The gasworks is rather an ugly building.
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The groups issued the request after it was discovered that artists filmed naked people inside the gas chamber of the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland.
However, inside a former gas chamber, there should be mournful silence.
I drilled two holes into the bottomed end of the gas chamber, with one hole drilled and tapped to 10x32 for the gas tube and the other hole drilled and tapped part of the way through the hole for a 4x40 screw to be used as a gas bleed.
As I stood in that gas chamber, I turned and looked at the doctor who had just gassed 50 innocents.
Concerning your question about info on gas chamber exercises, the US Army CBRN School at Ft Leonard Wood, MO, has put out instructions for doing the exercises.
Hydrogen cyanide gas was the agent used by Nazi Germany for mass murder in some gas chambers during the Holocaust.
SOME Jewish prisoners secretly wrote eye-witness accounts of the atrocities of the gas chambers and hid them in bottles or metal containers buried in the ground.
Along with about 220 other men, he was separated from the other prisoners who were condemned to immediate death in the gas chambers.
No one knows how many people died in the gas chambers and from hard labour, starvation and torture at Birkenau, although it is believed to be upwards of 1.
presents photos documenting the unloading of the overcrowded trains, the selection process for slave labor or death in the gas chambers, the confiscation of property, and the preparations for extermination.
We are summoned to consider the past and think about the future, so we will stay conscious of the responsibility we carry," said the 78-year-old cardinal, whose mother died in an Auschwitz gas chamber.
Using a drawing, he describes a gas chamber and the victims he says he saw at the prison in the northeast of North Korea, near the Russian border.