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Noun1.gas heater - a heater that burns gas for heatgas heater - a heater that burns gas for heat  
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
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A SECURITY firm was yesterday slammed by a sheriff over the death of a guard poisoned by a faulty gas heater.
A YOUNG couple killed by fumes from a gas heater borrowed the appliance because they thought they had no electricity.
It's believed he died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas heater in the room where he was taking a shower.
According to police sources, the incident took place at a room when the victim Pahind Khan tried to turn on gas heater.
Abdullah, a resident of Tiba Muhammad Naggar, was asleep along with his family while the gas heater was tuned on.
In a statement, the police said that three including Nazir, Zahir and Khursheed were sleeping in their house in Gojra area of Muzaffarabad while the gas heater was on.
But the sleeping teenagers were killed by a small Calor gas heater which started leaking toxic carbon monoxide fumes.
Mr Maher was fatally injured when he went to light his gas heater at his Killough home in Thurles last November 13.
According to police, Javed lit a gas heater in a room to keep him warm in chilly weather and went to sleep without switching it off.
According to police sources, the incident took place when they went to their bed at night after leaving gas heater turn on due to cold weather, leaving them insensible on the spot.
According to details on the night between Sunday and Monday they have ignited gas heater to warm themselves resultantly the room was filled with gas.
Contract notice: On full-guarantee maintenance of individual housing facilities (boiler, water heater, tank, gas heater, ventilation).