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Noun1.gas heater - a heater that burns gas for heatgas heater - a heater that burns gas for heat  
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
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KARAK -- Four persons, mother and her three children, were killed when a gas heater burst with an explosion in Kundi area of Tehsil Banda Daud Shah on Thursday night and they were laid to rest on Friday.
Contract notice: On full-guarantee maintenance of individual housing facilities (boiler, water heater, tank, gas heater, ventilation).
According to police sources, the victim identified as Mohamamd Saleem had parked his motorcycle near the gas heater of the room at his house when the oil of the bike caught fire and blown up the room.
Nucor is still assessing the extent of the equipment damage and cannot estimate the length of time needed to make the necessary repairs to the process gas heater at this time.
A GUEST staying at a bungalow without smoke alarms was 'lucky to be alive' after an incorrectly fitted gas heater started a fire.
Amman, Dec 29 (Petra) aAC" Two people died on Sunday when a fire broke out as a result of a leak from a gas heater in a house in the northern city of Irbid, according to the Civil Defence Department (CDD).
A 68-year-old woman is in a critical condition with second degree burns after her couch caught fire due to its close proximity to a gas heater.
Because he was cold Mr Chaplin took a small gas heater into his tent.
SOME years ago, people could buy a small gas heater for the bathroom, primarily.
Preliminary investigation showed the fire was caused by a short circuit in the gas heater and spread to an LPG cylinder.
Summary: BEIRUT: A man was injured and three people fainted in Nabatieh in south Lebanon after a gas heater exploded on Tuesday.
A MAN who suffered severe burns to his body when a gas heater caught fire died in hospital yesterday.