gas lamp

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Noun1.gas lamp - a lamp that burns illuminating gasgas lamp - a lamp that burns illuminating gas  
lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination
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The light from a rain-splashed gas lamp shone now full upon the face of his suppliant: a boy's face, which would have been pleasant and even handsome but for the discontented mouth, the lowering forehead, and a shadow in the eyes, as though, boy though he certainly was in years, he had already, at some time or another, looked upon the serious things of life.
Then he suddenly smiled, and moving underneath the gas lamp, shook open an evening paper which he had been carrying.
The gas lamps were already lighted; there were streets to the right, and streets to the left, and streets crossing each other, for mile upon mile.
The few gas lamps showing up a bit of brick work here and there, appeared in the blackness like penny dips in a range of cellars--and the solitary footsteps came on, tramp, tramp.
The bands played, and so did the fountains; the moon and the gas lamps lit up the scene, and altogether it was a brilliant and an animated picture.
Rattling onward through the Valley, we were dazzled with the fiercely gleaming gas lamps, as before.
We walked slowly down the street, away from the town; the low garden walls of the modest villas doomed to demolition were overhung by the boughs of trees and masses of foliage, lighted from below by gas lamps.
Often conjuring up images of C S Lewis's famous lamppost in Narnia, it was the iconic gas lamp, whose origins date back to the 19th century.
WELL WORTH THE WAIT: Unveiling the new lamp on the site of Honley''s first public gas lamp of 1858 are Clr Charles Greaves, left, and Alec Wallace of Honley Civic Society.
AN ELDERLY woman and her son were rescued from a blaze caused by a gas lamp.
Once you walk under the gas lamp and through the black saloon doors, the staff offer one of the warmest welcomes around.
Tuesday Evening the 29th the SideTrack Band will be at Dick's Last Resort in the Gas Lamp district.